Singing at the Black Diamond Folk Club

So far I’ve been to the Black Diamond Folk Club in Birmingham a couple of times, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

6th March – Singers’ Night
I sang the Harry Cox version of “Just as the Tide was Flowing” that is featured on the “Shirley Inspired” tribute LP to Shirley Collins, as well as Peter Bellamy’s “On Board a ’98”

13th March – Guest Night – Hector Gilchrist
Hector’s playing and singing was a joy – he has a really lyrical singing style. I wasn’t familiar with his work but noted down the names of a couple of his songs for further exploration.

There were floor spots! I didn’t realise this, and so hadn’t taken a concertina with me. I sang unaccompanied – Bright Morning Star (Young Tradition) and Young Roger Esquire (Bellamy), although I always want to spell it “nnnnnnnYoung” in deference to Bellamy’s pronunciation of it. Next week I will not sing anything Bellamy-related!

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